Can another party or Open Play follow my private party?

Yes. If you have a private party, please know that once your 75 minutes in the Bounce Arena is finished, all of your guests will move into your cake room and this is when another private party can come into the Bounce arena and start their private bounce time or Open Play will begin if there are no more parties following yours.

 Can the children return to bouncing after they eat?  READ CAREFULLY

Sorry, we do not allow the children to return to the bounce arena after they have eaten as bouncing and eating do not mix. During the first 75 minutes of bounce time children and guests are asked NOT to eat. We prefer all food and snacks be kept away during the bounce time. We ask that all the adults respect our policy and help us enforce this very important rule. Drinking WATER is allowed and encouraged during bounce time. If a child is caught eating during the bounce time, they may be asked to sit out the remainder of the bounce time. 

 Will there be an Ah Sir Bounce A Lot staff member available to help me?

Yes! We provide a party host to assist you from the minute you walk into our facility from start to end of your party. 

 Can I use my own decorations and/or paper products in the cake room?

Yes! You may use your own SIMPLE decorations such as table covers, center pieces, and wall banner in the party rooms. If you bring in your themed paper goods the day before, our staff will happily prepare your room. To preserve our party rooms, we do not permit ceiling decorations, silly string, confetti, glitter or face paint Sorry NO PINATAS.

 Can we combine parties?

YES. If you have twins, siblings, friends, cousins or neighbors that are also celebrating a special event at the same time then this feature is REQUIRED during checkout. Use our special "Guest of Honor" add-on to your party package to ensure each person gets the attention they deserve on their special day. If you want to combine your party with another Guest of Honor (child) , then this option is required for $35.00.. You can save time and money by adding on this feature. Fee is $45 if we see 2 "guests-of-honors at the time of your party if not chosen in advance. No exceptions! 

By adding this feature. we will provide:

*3 additional balloons


*Special birthday sticker

*Name recognition on the birthday board

*A Gift Certificate for 1 hour FREE bounce to be used at a later date.

 Are gratuities appropriate? 

Gratuities for our staff/party host(s) are always welcome!

 Can I bring my own food?

YES! We DO NOT offer food service. This is a BRING YOUR OWN food and drink facility. You also need to provide your own additional paper products to serve your additional guests and food. We will gladly help you set up and serve your food. You may also order your food and have it delivered from our local restaurants or bring your own. We have a refrigerator/freezer is available for your convenience.

 Can I bring my own goodie bags and/or balloons?

Yes. With your party reservation, WE include a bouquet of 6 table top balloons on colored sticks and a small goodie bag and small water per child. You are welcome to bring your own goodie bags or add to ours. We include 1 sucker, pencil, blow horn and age appropriate toy. (Items may vary) Helium balloons are OK but cannot be dropped off early.  We do not have helium available.

 Do siblings count as additional children in the guest count for party reservations?

YES. Siblings are considered additional children if they stay and play during your party. It is the PARTY PARENT’s responsibility if the child count exceeds your party package count to pay the additional child fee of $12 each. Our staff keeps head count by the number of wrist bands handed out.

 Can parents drop off their children?

YES! During parties only. This will help keep everyone happy. Parents are encouraged to drop off children if they feel comfortable with it. Our friendly staff will help watch all children. Also, please remember we are a SMALL FACILITY and will do our best to accommodate all your guests. We ask that you keep the adults in attendance to a minimum. Everyone needs to be able to fit into the cake rooms after the 75 minute bounce session.

 Is there a deposit required?

Yes. A $100, non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your party. Along with all add-on's are paid upfront. (No Refunds) The balance is due on the day of your party. Cash or credit only.

 What if I need to re-schedule my party?

To avoid additional charges, we require at least 10 days advance notice to

cancel or re-schedule your party.(Must be re-scheduled within 3 months)

If you cancel or reschedule within 4-9 days of your original party date, there

is a $50 penalty. If you cancel or re-schedule within 3-4 days of your date you

will be responsible for 50% of the total price. If you cancel your party within

48 hours of your party, you are responsible for 100% of the total party price.

Remember that your deposit is NON-Refundable. Sorry no exceptions.

 What if my child guest count is more than my party package? 

There is a $12 fee for each additional child over the party package guest count. PLEASE keep adult count to a minimum as we cannot accommodate HUGE groups of people.

 What if my party guest count is less than my party package, can I downgrade

YES, but there will be a $30 downgrade fee the day of the party.

 Downgrades/upgrades not available at time of party. Sorry, NO EXCEPTIONS!